It all started in 2008 when a random find in a bookstore started a girl on a path of making her own soap. She found a recipe in that book to make one bar of soap. She went to the store, spent WAY too much money on the ingredients, and carefully measured, mixed, and poured. The instructions said to leave in a cool, dry place for four weeks, so the mold was carefully set into a closet for those four weeks. At the four-week mark, she removed the mold from the closet, went into the bathroom, and...the soap had lather!! (Cue mad scientist lightning bolts and laughter here)

That girl - ME! - absolutely fell in love with handmade soap. And found a more economical way to source ingredients than a small super-expensive jar of coconut oil from the local store :) Making my own means I control every ingredient that goes into the batch. I want ingredients that make my skin feel fantastic after getting out of the shower, so that means thick, creamy butters like cocoa and shea. Oils like olive, sweet almond, and avocado. And I can use fun ingredients like beer! (And drink the bottles I don't use in that batch ;)) I can have soap in every color I can imagine - sometimes all at once! And the fragrances! I can match a bar of soap to any mood, any season, any holiday.

All of our products are made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We appeal to the rockabilly / pinup culture and lifestyle because we love it ourselves! All of our products are inspired by and named for all things Viva Las Vegas, Elvis, and 1950s! Check out our Pink Ladies soap and scrub, Blue Hawaii soap, or Anchors Away! salt bar!


We are available to take special orders for weddings, baby showers, and other occasions! Contact us at to let us help make your event extra bubbly special!