Cleanly Bearded Beard Oil

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Our beard oil without fragrance!

We love bearded guys!

And to show it, we're now offering beard oil! Because great beards don't take care of themselves.

It's a blend of grapeseed oil, argan oil, and sweet almond oil, designed to moisturize your beard and the skin beneath, leaving your beard shiny and soft, vitamin E, and tea tree oil, known for its antiseptic qualities.

Sometimes you just want your beard to smell clean and fresh, and Cleanly Bearded fits that bill!  The only scent in this beard oil is tea tree oil, which helps keep the skin beneath your beard conditioned and the hairs shiny.


2 oz.


Ingredients: grapeseed oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, tea tree oil


To use:  put a few drops of beard oil into your hand. Rub your palms together to distribute, and then run your hands through your beard or goatee, paying close attention to the skin beneath the hairs, which tends to get neglected and can end up dry and irritated. Use daily to maintain the look and feel of your beard.